Metal has been hot in the Petefire Artist Blacksmith forge during the Covid crisis.

I’ve had numerous people doing Forging Experiences during 2020 – they were done outdoors with plenty of social distancing.

Some were for one person, there was also a husband and wife, and a father with three school age daughters. He did one forging day with his daughters, and the next Saturday it was just him. He was a plumber and heating engineer and was used to physical work, so wanted a day with just me and him.

There were various metalwork and forging commissions and repairs and during 2020 too.

Petefire Blacksmith Forging Experience sample voucher, St Albans, Herts, England

Quite a few people have bought Forging Experience vouchers hopefully to be enjoyed during 2021.

Want to buy a Forging Experience voucher?

You can buy a Forging Experience right here on the website, or you can contact me with any questions and for bank details.