Petefire blacksmith forging questions

Here are some typical blacksmith forging questions. If you’ve got questions you’re welcome to ask them – I might even add them to this list.

How long have you been in the metal work business?
I have been studying blacksmithing for the last 8 years and creating work for clients for the last two years.

Is your metalwork handmade or do you fabricate metal structures in bulk?
Everything I make is hand made using hand forging techniques. Along with other hand tools appropriate to the job.

Do you create large wrought iron work like iron gates or usually work on smaller pieces?
I have made some fairly large scale artwork, though to date nothing to the scale of a gate. Mainly I work on smaller scale artistic items. As I work on my own, I can only make items that I can work on and carry on my own, as a rule of thumb.

How much will it cost?
All work is costed up based upon the cost of the raw material and coal along with an estimated labour, which will be figured based upon the agreed design.

How do I instigate a commission?
The first thing needed for the instigation of a commissions would be to let me know what it is that you would like. I will then need enough time to come up with some rough ideas I can pose to you. Next to arrange a time in which we can discuss and finalise design and budget.

How many projects like mine have you completed?
That would depend on the project. I have completed a variety of different pieces each completely individual and all to there own specifics. Generally I make artwork and as such everything needs to be treated as a personally for the client as possible.

Do you have any official metal worker qualifications?
I have a BA (Hons) in Artistic Blacksmithing From Hereford College of Arts.

How do you charge and what does that include?
Jobs are charged based upon the amount of time they take to make. Once consultation time has been given so-as the client and I both understand what it is they are asking for design time will be factored into the equational £35 along with material costs and an estimated amount of time the project will take which will be added as a lob our cost. Once this is added together a final figure can be reached and once agreed upon that price won’t change.

Can you give me a written estimate?
I can give a written estimate once Both the client and I understand what it is that’s being asked of me.

When can you complete this job?
Each job has it’s own problems to figure out. Owing to this nature in the work it is often impossible to be able to tell when any job will be complete, this question becomes more answerable once the client expresses what it is they want. Often things made to quickly have flaws that patience would have shown before it was too late.

Do you have any advice for aftercare – how should I maintain my ironwork?
This is subject to the item in question but the easiest way to answer it would be to say treat it with love.

Will the ironwork weather in the elements?
Yes if the ironwork in question is not applied with an adequate finish. Sometimes also if that finish is not looked after. Ironwork is actually extremely susceptible to the elements, both inside a house and outside such the finish will always be important and should be a careful consideration.

Will you repair my metalwork if necessary?
This would depend on the repair needed, some things are beyond repair. The aim would be to make things so-as they do not need repairing in the first place.

What do you mean when you say blacksmithing?
Blacksmithing is the art of forging items from steel by heating the metal in a coal fire, fuelled by an air current, to white hot and then using a variety of different tools to create desired shapes.

What kind of thing can be commissioned?
The limitation of blacksmithing are the fuel, material and time needed and intellect of the designer. Essentially nothing is out of the question, but everything will be subject to these limitations.

How long will a commission take?
There are no short cuts in the creating of a new item and therefore no way of being able to answer this blacksmith forging question completely. The item needs to be designed first, which can take any amount of time from hours to over a week. Then each part of the piece in question will need to be made. Sometimes a whole day or more may be needed for, what could be viewed as a simple component.

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