Blacksmith forged hammers

I make almost all the hammers that I use for my blacksmithing work.

Those blacksmith forged hammers are made for specific tasks, or for particular projects and commissions. I’ll often make the handles too, from recycled wood, or from various pieces of wood that that people have given me, I’ll often season these wooden branches.

It helps that we have a wood burning stove, so there’s always plenty wood that comes into our possession.

Blacksmith forged hammers

In this picture you can see a collection of 9 different hammers, all forged from recycled steel. An old Tutor of mine one time told us that a hammer is just a piece of tough steel on the end of a well chosen piece of wood. The beauty of this statement is, the vastness of the criteria which an individual can design within this.

Petefire Artist Blacksmith, blacksmith forged hammers