I’m an artist blacksmith in Herts, now forging in St Albans

My office is in Abbots Langley, north Watford, behind the Harry Potter Studio

Petefire Artist Blacksmith in Whippendell Woods, Watford with hand forged swords

My forge is in Chiswell Green, St Albans, Herts, to the east of Watford. I’ve been a blacksmith in Herts since 2014, when I left college. I will make anything that involves forged / hot metal, such as a kitchen knife, decorative sword or axe, commissioned work or bottle openers.

Petefire on social media

I do my best keep adding news on my social media pages! Here they are:

Lion headed hand forged spear, photo in Whippendell Woods, Watford, Herts

Exterior things
Sculptures, gates, railings.

Kitchen knives & cleavers
I make kitchen knives and chefs’ knives, often from recycled steel, such as reclaimed car springs, truck springs, files & fork lift tines.

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Blacksmith Experience Days
Here’s the questions page (FAQs) for my experience days.

You can buy a Forging Experience voucher here.

Blacksmith demonstrations
Find out more about my blacksmith forging demonstrations here.

Recycled materials
Many of the items that I forge are made from recycled materials.

Some of the recycled metal that I’ve forged are:

  • broken car springs
  • hydraulic compression bar
  • metal files and rasps
  • train tracks
Petefire Artist Blacksmith forging with recycled steel

If you’re in need of the blacksmith in Herts, forging person or metal worker, we’d love to hear from you – hopefully we can help you out!

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