Blacksmith Forging Experience voucher for 4


Buy a 4 person Blacksmith Forging Experience voucher  here. Got a date in mind? Check it’s free on 01923 350596, 0777 999 1551 or

We’re happy to have under 16s, from age 7 for a forging experience, if they have an adult with them.

If under 16s are taking part the adult can take part in the day (making up the 4 people), or just be with them.


Buy a Petefire Blacksmith Forging Experience for four

Family groups of four, or groups of friends have had a really good day on a Blacksmith Forging Experience.

Peter is an entertaining teacher, discussing any and every aspect of metalworking and blacksmithing.

He makes sure that everyone is involved.

All our Blacksmith Forging Experiences are now indoors at the Petefire Chiswell Green Forge – so we’re not affected by the weather!

Everyone will have the opportunity to make a small forged object, normally a small knife. People also make other items, like coat hooks, arrow heads or maybe something for their home. Peter can advise on whether people’s ideas are achievable, either beforehand, or on the day.

Please take their items home with them.