Blacksmith Experience Day, 1 day


The sight of glowing hot metal being pulled from a blacksmith’s fire is something that many may have seen, have you ever wanted to see what it takes to get metal to that state?

Have you ever wondered what’s so different about a blacksmith’s hammer? Did you ever want to feel how it feels strike steel? To know that you had a hand in the end result, of something that until then, was only something you’d like to see happen?

If you or anyone you know has always wanted to have a go at blacksmithing why not book a time to come along and learn about fire and metal the blacksmith’s way!

You can pay for your day, we’ll then post of email you a voucher. The date can then been confirmed. There’s no closing date for vouchers.

Want to book two experience days? …or book for two people? Here’s the page.

Have you got questions about our blacksmith experience days? You can phone, email or message us – you may also get answers to some questions on our questions (FAQs) page.
Petefire Artist Blacksmith – blacksmith experience

Three hour session £120


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